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Planets, Black Holes and Galaxies

Stair Access Only.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors: 7pm. Start 7:30pm. End: 10pm
Boat Club, The Boat Club, Elvet Riverside,
Durham DH1 3AF
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Astronomy is full of observations that tell us more about the universe. Humanity recently captured an image of a black hole, and it appears as predicted by Einstein in the early 20th Century! But other recent observations challenge our understanding of the cosmos. Come along to find out how our theories are conflicted with observations of far flung galaxies. For those of you who miss Pluto, we have noticed behaviour at the edge of the solar system indicating that there is a ninth planet after all -- or maybe a tiny black hole of our own!

New Planets and Black Holes

Dr. Jakub Sholtz (Post-Doctoral Researcher - Dept. Physics)
Recent observations of asteroids in the far reaches of our solar system indicate there might be a ninth planet after all. I will talk about why we think there is another massive object in the outer solar system, what we are doing to find it and how, maybe, this planet might not be a planet at all — it could be a tiny black hole.

Dark galaxies: Probing our current cosmological model on unprecedented scales

Dr. Alejandro Benitez-Llambay (Post-Doctoral Researcher - Dept. Physics)
The great majority of our Cosmos is made of exotic components, namely, dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter largely sources the gravitational seeds that drive the collapse and formation of galaxies, whereas dark energy is responsible for pushing galaxies apart. The existence of these components is mostly supported by indirect observational evidence, and scientists still struggle to detect and isolate a dark matter particle. In this talk, I will describe the research that we are carrying out in Durham enabling us to test current models.