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Pushing the Body's Boundaries

Please note this event has step-free access but no designated accessible facilities
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 5:30pm
Event 6-7pm
Off the Ground Coffee, 63 Grange Road,
Middlesbrough TS1 5AS
Sold Out!
For society to evolve and develop, we need people in the lab pushing the boundaries of science. Come and listen to the frontline PhD researchers at the National Horizons Centre sharing their work, including flies and Parkinson's, medicine shapes, and colorectal cancers.

Tip Top Shape: Improving Medicine with Chemical Shapes

What if our knowledge of medicines wasn't quite accurate? For years, we thought that chemicals could have just one shape- here we will throw in a whole new dimension of chemistry and explore how different chemical shapes cause all kinds of medical reactions

Modelling Colorectal Cancers

Hannah Brown (MSc Student)
Colon and rectal cancer cases are increasing in younger populations - but why and how? Together let's explore the gatekeeper genes that determine mutations in previously ignored proteins.

Why Oh Why Did She Study The Fly?

Research into brain diseases is fast becoming one of the most highly funded areas of science. However, with human brains being a rare commodity, new ways to research these diseases have had to be developed. Here we will discuss how fruit fly brains are being used in the lab to research Parkinson’s disease - you’ll be shocked by how similar you are to a fly!!

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