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Quantum technology

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09 Sep Doors 6.30pm. Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Zero degrees, 53 Colston St,
Bristol BS1 5BA
Join us as we dive into the topic of Quantum, whats all that about?

Pushing the limits: quantum technologies for ultra-precise measurements.

Dr. Jason Mueller (Research Associate)
Humans have, from time immemorial, been measuring our surroundings to learn and prosper. Since early humans measured the passage of time by the movement of the sun and the seasons, we have pushed our methods and tools to their limits. At these limits, scientists and engineers are now encountering noise from quantum effects – the random nature of our universe. We have asked ourselves not only how to overcome this noise, but how we might even harness the quantumness around us to push beyond the classical limits of precision. Today, we will explore a few groundbreaking experiments, which have used quantum effects to their advantage: from detecting gravitational waves and geoscience applications, to capturing ultra-precise images and quantum radar. We will also examine some of the ongoing work at the University of Bristol in quantum imaging, and what lies ahead.

The Tech Behind Quantum Tech

Josh Silverstone (Senior Research Associate)
Quantum technology will revolutionise how we handle information: how we compute, simulate, measure, and communicate. Quantum systems are exquisitely fragile, and quite antisocial—they are superlatively cold, small, and fast—and it is our goal to combine as many of them as possible, while keeping in control. At the University of Bristol’s Quantum Engineering Technology Labs (QET Labs), we are building the tech which underpins quantum tech. We are inventing the devices, systems, protocols, and techniques that will unlock its power. This talk will overview the technology behind the quantum revolution, and focus in on the technology of silicon quantum photonics, the art of controlling photons, single quanta of light, on silicon microchips.

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53 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BA, United Kingdom 53 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BA, United Kingdom
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53 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BA, United Kingdom 53 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BA, United Kingdom