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Re-engineering Earth

Please there are three steps to climb to access the venue, no ramp is available
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Ernest, 1 Boyd St,
Newcastle NE2 1AP
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Human activity has dramatically changed our planet's climate. But what if we had the key to reverse these effects and make the Earth's environment more adapted to humans than it has ever been?

Should we geo-engineer Earth?

Dr Caspar Hewett (School of Engineering, Newcastle University)
We can all agree that the climate is changing dramatically. But the question is: what should we do about it?
Some argue that we should radically simplify our lifestyle. But would this even solve the problem? Others argue that geoengineering is the only answer. But is it ethical or even possible to deliberately manipulate our planet’s environment? Or is this just a pipe dream for the privileged?
Dr Caspar Hewett will discuss what it would take to make geoengineering a reality. This will be followed by a panel debate with encouraged participation from everyone.

The extreme future of extreme weather

Professor Hayley J. Fowler ( Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research, Newcastle University)
There is currently much public interest in extreme weather and the perceived increase in heavy rainfall and flooding over the past decade which the media has blamed on global warming. But what is happening and what can we expect to happen in the future? We will discuss what causes different types of extreme weather events, the latest climate model projections and what we need to do to meet the Paris Agreement target of 2°C warming.

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1 Boyd St, Newcastle, NE2 1AP, United Kingdom 1 Boyd St, Newcastle, NE2 1AP, United Kingdom
20 May
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