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River of Giants: vertebrate palaeontology in Morocco

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Past event - 2021
20 May 6pm to 7pm
(UK Time)
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On the fringes of the Sahara desert in North Africa, layers of rock are exposed that represent an ancient river system from the Cretaceous period - these are the famous Kem Kem beds of Morocco. In this show, three palaeontological experts will introduce you to their research on the myriad fossils found within these beds, revealing some of the truly amazing animals that swam within, stalked around, and soared above the ancient Kem Kem river system.

[ Event cover art credited to: Davide Bonadonna ]

An ancient river of giants: where, when - and its fishes

Professor David Martill (Professor of Palaeobiology)
In this talk, Professor David Martill will introduce an ancient Cretaceous age Kem Kem river system in North Africa, on the fringes of the Sahara Desert. You will be introduced to some of the largest river fishes that ever existed, including coelacanths, lungfishes and saw skates.

The giant flying reptiles and their flaplings

Roy Smith (Postgraduate Research Student, Paleontology)
In this talk, Roy Smith describes the volant reptiles that inhabited the skies above the Kem Kem river and the palaeoecology of this ancient flying fauna. Aspects of the growth, community structure and the feeding styles of these mysterious animals will be discussed.

[ Talk image credited to: Davide Bonadonna ]

River monsters – resurrecting the world’s largest predatory dinosaur

Dr Nizar Ibrahim (Senior Lecturer, Palaeontology)
In this talk, Dr Nizar Ibrahim discusses the palaeobiology of the enigmatic giant fish-eating dinosaur Spinosaurus. You will witness the excavation and science performed on the only known examples of an associated skeleton of this animal, the original of which was destroyed in WWII.

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20 May

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