Other events in Birmingham

Robots On The Loose

Past event - 2015
18 May Doors open 6.30pm
Event 7pm-9pm
Bodega, 12 Bennett's Hill,
Birmingham B2 5RS
Find out about our research into robots operating in unusual environments - including bomb disposal robots - plus demos and a crisp-distributing robot called Dora.

Telerobotics & Telepresence – Human-Centred Remote Systems Technologies for Applications in Defence & Heritage

Professor Bob Stone
Research at the University of Birmingham is pioneering the application of human-centred design in developing advanced interfaces for aerial, subsea & land telerobotic and telepresence systems. Bob will outline a number of recent projects involving unmanned platforms, explore related Virtual and Augmented Reality research, and summarise the lessons learned for future designers of human-systems interfaces.

Robots for hazardous tasks and environments

Dr Rustam Stolkin
Think about how robots could play crucial roles in cleaning up nuclear waste or rescues in disaster zones. Rustam will outline the University of Birmingham's projects to develop robots that perform hazardous tasks and operate in hazardous environments. He will outline the challenges such robots face, including how to ensure such robots can move, manipulate and perceive objects in highly unstructured environments. He'll also talk about how to support the human operators of such complex machines.