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Science with a capital "S"

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Past event - 2021
20 May 8pm to 9pm
(UK time)
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Science has a huge influence on every part of our lives, from how quickly we can develop a vaccine, to how thin the latest iPhone will be. But what’s going on behind the scenes? How is science conducted? How do we know we can trust it? How does the way we learn about science affect our view of the world? And what does a scientist actually do all day? Join five Leeds-based scientists to answer these questions and many more, as we investigate how we all learn and think about the science that plays an increasingly important role in our 21st Century lives.

The (Scientific) Method Behind the Madness

Dr Benjamin S. Hanson (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Ben is a computational biophysicist at the University of Leeds, working with Professor Lorna Dougan to understand the formation, growth and resulting structural and mechanical properties of protein-based hydrogels. His broad scientific interests encompass the emerging mathematics and theories of the biological “mesoscale”, which gives him practical insight into the fundamental workings of the scientific method, and the differences between theory and experimental knowledge. He will tell you all about what the scientific method actually is.

Science: Verb or Noun?

Alex Wakeman (PhD Student)
Alex is a first year PhD student at the University of Leeds. He studies how genetics and biochemistry influence crop growth; he therefore spends most of his time talking to plants. Alex’s research focuses on how crops use the nutrients and space available to them, with the aim of improving food security and contributing to a more sustainable use of arable land. He will tell you all about Why "The Science" Changes.

Who Decides What Science is?

Alex Woodford (PhD Student)
Alex is a first-year PhD student at the University of Leeds whose research focuses on the economic barriers to 'plugging' the climate finance gap. She is particularly interested in how different narratives shape, and can be used to reimagine, the role of public and private finance in meeting the needs of the Global South. She will be highlighting how important considering who is included/excluded in science is.

A Sense of Science

Izzy Lloyd (PhD Student)
Izzy is a first-year PhD Geography student at the University of Leeds. She studies how different agricultural practices influence greenhouse gas emissions from arable soils, by measuring soil properties and carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide fluxes. Izzy’s interests lie in understanding how agriculture can be managed effectively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change, whilst ensuring food security for all. She will be discussing how the way science is presented impacts the way we absorb it.

Your Host for the Evening

Chris Snowden (STEM Communicator and Public Engagement Professional)
Chris will be your host and guiding you through tonight's talks and activities.