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Sherlock Gnomes and the Bloody Roses

This show is live streamed to YouTube - register to get the link to watch - even after it has finished.
Past event - 2021
18 May 8pm to 9pm
(UK time)
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Science going
Plants are all around us! But how much can we learn from them? Could the humble bramble help us catch a killer? Can we make more food from just vegetable scraps? Get down and dirty with us to uncover how the hidden superpowers of plants can help solve crimes, convict criminals and improve access to fresh food.

Murder Most Florid

Dr Spencer is a forensic botanist. In his day to day, he helps the police with cases where plants can help solve crimes, from murder and rape to arson and burglaries. Murder Most Florid takes us to woodlands, wasteland, roadsides and police labs, where Mark has examined the botanical evidence of serious crimes. From unearthing decomposing victims from brambles to dissecting vegetation of shallow graves, his botanical knowledge can be crucial to securing convictions. The talk challenges our attitude to death and asks pertinent questions about public sector funding in the face of rising crime.

Creative Reactions Half Time Show with Charlie Dean

Charlie Dean (Charlie Dean is an artist based in Nottingham, working with video, sound, performance and text. Instagram: @_charlie_dean.)
A plant is not designed to play by human logic, yet it is forced to. How can we make up for this mistake? In order to understand ourselves and the world around us, we need to learn new languages. Worlds where there is no tongue, or hands, or eyes. This project has stemmed from conversations with Forensic Botanist, Mark Spencer, and a general interest in rejecting anthropocentrism. In Eye, as in I, blurring visuals and looping chorus, play with language and light, exploring the ways in which we see ourselves reflected in plants as bodies with new possibilities.

Growing for free

Hafsah Hafeji (Horticulturalist and Gardener)
Often it is said that we should grow more of our own food, but in today’s world, for many people, time, space and budget are limiting access to spaces to grow. Hafsah shares her growing and gardening ideas to extend the growing life of kitchen veg – transforming scraps into more food with little effort or cost. Hafsah’s creative approach will not only bring more nutrients into your life, but help reduce waste and reuse everyday items to do so.

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YouTube, Online, Your Home, United Kingdom YouTube, Online, Your Home, United Kingdom