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Shots of Science

Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 18.30
Event 19.00 - 21.00
The Terrace at Whitez, 47 Uplands Cres,
Swansea SA2 0NP
The final night of the festival we close with a collections of short talks form a variety of different topics from the Medical's Schools PhD researchers. If you want to find out about the latest research and have a sneak peek into the future this night is for you!

Drug resistance is futile

Dr Anna Seager (Research Officer)
Drug resistance in pathogenic microorganisms is a major global health concern. What happens when the drugs don’t work? Modern medicine needs to evolve as quickly as the bugs it targets. This talk examines drug resistance and how it’s shaping modern medicine.

Poo in the Swimming Pool?

Hannah Jones (PhD Student)
Chlorine can’t kill all germs in a swimming pool – did you know that? Please don’t panic – this talk will tell you how you can help keep the swimming pool water clean and healthy. Keeping germs out of the pool in the first place is the best way of stopping them spreading. We are developing a poster to help raise awareness of hygienic swimming behaviours. These are steps that swimmers (and parents of swimmers) can follow to help make sure everyone stays a happy and healthy swimmer.

The secrets of the GI Tract...maybe it's more than just a gut feeling?

Laura Baker (PhD Student)
Bugs, germs, microbes and infections. These are all terms people typically ascribe to bacteria, but what about the good bacteria? The human gut is home to a massive array of bacteria that have evolved to live happily within us causing no problems – and often help us a lot! As research develops we are starting to form links between microbe levels and the emergence of diseases, such as IBS Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, depression and dementia. The purpose of this talk is to look into targeting the gut microbiota to either prevent or aid the progression of such diseases.

Delaying Disease with Dietary Discipline?

Luke Roberts (PhD student)
Intermittent fasting and calorie restriction are often promoted in the mainstream as efficient ways to lose weight. Yet when undertaken in a controlled, long term or periodic manner, these interventions can fine tune cell stress responses, priming our bodies to adapt at the cellular level to potential disease-causing stimuli. Could our diet hold the key to delaying and ultimately preventing the onset of debilitating age-associated disease, and do we have enough self-discipline to adhere to these potentially worthwhile diets?

Pancreatic Cancer, PIG-A and Potential

Lucy Nichols (PhD Student)
Pancreatic cancer is a rare disease with a bleak outlook. Most patients are diagnosed too late to be cured. But it’s not all doom and gloom! Can the new PIG-A red blood cell mutation test diagnose pancreatic cancer from just one drop of blood?

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47 Uplands Cres, Swansea, SA2 0NP, United Kingdom 47 Uplands Cres, Swansea, SA2 0NP, United Kingdom