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Smart Cities, Data Technologies and Society

This event takes place in the cellar bar and has no step-free access. Advance ticket purchases recommended.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6.00pm
Event 6.30pm-9.00pm
Manhattan34, 34 Rutland St,
Leicester LE1 1RD
Our Society is shaping around data and we are witnessing a great shift towards data-driven ‘intelligent’ services that have a great potential impacting peoples’ wellbeing and Quality of Life. Today we will be exploring how data can transform cities such as Leicester to become ‘smarter’, how data can help make services we experience (and depend on) e.g. Healthcare to be more equal and inclusive and how remote technologies can transform the way we experience and practice democracy.

Data Technologies and Society: How Cities Learn

Matt Clifton (Leicester Smart City Programme Manager)
Smart cities form a societal nexus capable of learning, across which data technologies can advance for the benefit of their people and the environments they inhabit. This talk will discuss what role place-based technologies play in building the resilience of cities and regions, in which density and interaction fuel learning and innovation.

Mapping Identities: Making our Healthcare Services more equal and inclusive

Dr Genovefa Kefalidou ( Assistant Professor in Human Computer Interaction)
Healthcare services rely on patient data collected through different means (e.g. through GP practices or else). We have found that 'missing data' and non-transparency of what data is available can be linked to inequalities in data management and risking consequently inequalities in healthcare service provision. This talk will discuss some insights this project has gathered in order to bring more Equality in Healthcare Data Management, Data acquisition and hopefully a fairer Healthcare Service provision by mapping Data Identities.

Freedom of speech and local democracy: new challenges and opportunities (remember the Handforth Parish Council meeting?)

Dr Marta Mangiarulo ( Teaching Fellow)
Speakers’ Corner Trust is a charity that promotes free expression, public debate and active citizenship. In this talk, I will discuss with you the main aims and activities of the charity, starting from a case study that we published last year. In this work, the Trust was eager to establish the potential impact of the three national lockdowns and conducted an online survey of English councils and local democracy reporters. Did councillors enjoy their online meetings? How did they deal with using these virtual platforms? Will we go back to face to face or are Zoom council meetings here to stay?

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