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Space Invaders

There is step free access to the venue and an accessible toilet. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7 pm
Event 7.30-10.00 pm
Clarks on Lindsay Street, 80 North Lindsay Street,
Dundee DD1 1PS
Have you ever tried to land a spaceship on a foreign planet? 

Landing space craft on an alien surface can be very tricky! How do engineers overcome this challenge on Earth? Can computing systems recreate these environments? 

Computer gaming has changed rapidly since the golden age of arcade games.  Indie game nights are recapturing some of the arcade gaming culture but, what does that mean for game designers?

Join us to find out the answers to these questions with two Dundee researchers, win prizes in a pub quiz and try your skills out on some retro video games.

Landing spacecraft on alien surfaces

Iain Martin (Lecturer in Computing in the School of Science and Engineering, University of Dundee)
Landing a spacecraft on an alien surface such as our moon, another planet, a comet or an asteroid is a journey of imagination, scientific discovery and above all an engineering challenge. For the past two decades, the University of Dundee has been engaged in this challenge, designing vision-based navigation and test systems to guide robotic spacecraft to a safe landing on alien surfaces. In this talk, I will describe the engineering challenges and present a series of images and videos of real and virtual alien surfaces being used to test technology for future space missions.

Ponchos, illuminated tents and duplo houses: Modern arcades and social computer game design

Dr Lynn Love (Lecturer in Computer Arts, Abertay University)
In the early days of computer gaming, the arcade was a site to play, compete and form friendships. As technology became more portable and affordable, play moved into the household, becoming a largely solitary experience. Online play has recaptured many of the functions of the arcade, but without embodied tactile play. Indie Game nights have seen a return to arcade culture by presenting social, collaborative, playful, thoughtful and alternative game experiences. This talk will explore social play, these new arcades and how such spaces are promoting new approaches to computer game design.

Chris and Gordons “Space Invaders” Pub Quiz!

Chris and Gordon, regular quiz masters at Dukes Corner, are coming to Pint of Science 2019, for one night only! A fun and interesting pub quiz about space, games, and everything in between, with prizes to be won too!

Press Start Gaming Scotland

Press Start Gaming Scotland - The premier Retro Gaming Experience in Dundee will be bringing one of their retro set ups for people to enjoy on the night! Game on!

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