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Squirrels, Fungus & a Ceilidh - what could go wrong?!

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Past event - 2020
10 Sep 9:00pm to 9:45pm talks
9:45pm to 10:15pm Science Ceilidh
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It's the final live show of #pint20! Tonight the team from York are talking red squirrels and fungus - a potent combination! Finally, you can participate in a new live 'experiment' as we put the talks to music and dance the night out with a Science Ceilidh...

Register to get a link to view the show, even after the live stream has finished.

Red squirrels in Britain: past, present and future

Dr Philip Cox (Senior Lecturer in Anatomy, University of York)
The red squirrel is a well-loved part of the British wildlife, but habitat loss, disease and competition with the introduced grey squirrel have reduced its distribution to a number of isolated, and often small, populations. In this talk, we will discover the history of the red squirrel in Great Britain, and look at why its numbers have reduced so dramatically. We will then see how new research is revealing how the remaining red squirrel populations in Great Britain are beginning to diverge from one another.

Using Fungus to Fuel the Future

Conor Scott (Biologist and PhD Student, University of York)
If the earth is literally burning, why do we keep fuelling the fire? Our finite reserves of fossil fuels are diminishing as their environmentally damaging effects wreak havoc around the globe. To save the Earth’s future, we must look to its rich natural history. While we have remained on course for global disaster, the natural world has been constantly evolving and perfecting a procedure that could help to save us. Fungus that convert abundant, low-cost resources like waste crop material into the building blocks of liquid fuel. Let’s switch to the right path now, before it’s too late.

e-Science Ceilidh Live!

Lewis Hou (Science Ceilidh Leader)
Join the world’s first ever e-Science Ceilidh live with a few science-themed dances you can try at home alone, with housemates or adapt whilst sitting in your sofas at home. We’ll be showcasing a few of our favourite scientist-community dance collaborations including the Canadian Brain Dance and the Mitosis Waltz along with hopefully revealing some new experimental creations on the theme of Planet Earth developed in our workshop on the 3 September. All curious welcome, no science (or dance) background needed!