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Sun, Skin and Science

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Past event - 2021
18 May 6pm to 7pm
(UK Time)
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Skin is the largest organ of the body and essential for survival. It provides protection from UV radiation in sunlight, and constantly repairs itself to protect from everyday damage. But what happens when this process goes wrong? And if the skin is so great, how come we have to wear suncream? This show will share the research of two experts who will explore everything you ever wanted to know about the science of sun and your skin.

How is skin cancer related to sun exposure?

Dr Gernot Walko (Department of Biology & Biochemistry, University of Bath)
We all love a nice day on the beach getting some sunshine and feeling the warmth of the sun beating down. But I tell you who doesn't: the stem cells in your epidermis! UV radiation induces harmful DNA mutations that can transform the stem cells into cancer cells. Come along to find out how tissue renewal and repair of the skin works, and how UV radiation leads to the development of skin cancer and what we can do to prevent it

Sunscreen: is it safe to make your own?

Dr Charareh Pourzand (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath)
Using natural and organic products for skincare is increasingly popular – and that includes sunscreen. Fear of chemicals is leading consumers to turn to home-made sunscreens in the belief that natural products will be better at protecting them from the sun. But is this true? This talk will look at what sunscreen is actually designed to do and how it protects us, and will explore how these homemade sunscreen recipes shape up against the shop bought versions.

Hosted by Rebecca Annells

Rebecca Annells (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath)
Rebecca is a first year PhD student in the department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, her research focuses on how opioids work in the brain and body and she is particularly interested in multi-disciplinary approaches to solving biomedical problems

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