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Sustainable solutions to pollution

Fully accessible
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
Sidney & Matilda, Rivelin Works, Sidney Street,
Sheffield S1 4RH
Sold Out!
Meet the scientists perceiving, paving and planting the way to a sustainable future! You’ll leave knowing ‘why words matter?’ when it comes to tackling plastic pollution, the latest developments in low-carbon footprint building materials and you’ll have a new appreciation for trees – the potential warriors who, when in the right places, could help fight climate change.

How Linguistics Can Help Tackle Plastics Pollution

Prof. Joanna Gavins (Professor of English Language and Literature)
Professor Joanna Gavins will introduce a recent multidisciplinary research project, ‘Many Happy Returns’, which involves researchers in Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities coming together to tackle the complex problem of plastics pollution. Language lies at the heart of this research and this talk will show how understanding more about how people talk about plastics can help us come up with new and effective ways to encourage reuse and recycling.

A new cement to build a sustainable future

Cassandre Le Galliard (Postgraduate research student, Materials Science & Engineering)
The growth in global population and economic development leads to an increase in the need for construction materials. Portland cement based materials are the most widely used due to their efficiency, price and durability. However, production of this material is responsible for 5 to 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. There is an urgent need to find (and use) alternative materials that have similar properties while having lower carbon footprint. One of the most encouraging alternatives is alkali activated materials.

Clouds, Carbon, and Cooling– How Trees Change Climate

Dr James King (Researcher, Biosciences)
We love trees here in Sheffield – the city has over 4.5 million of them. They don’t just provide shade, shelter, and habitats for wildlife though. Trees are on the front line of the fight against climate change, with the power to make their own weather and even cool the planet! Find out how trees change our atmosphere, and why smart tree planting can help us tackle global warming.

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