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Technology to revolutionise art and science - and what you see and hear!

This venue is fully accessible
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors open 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
Marco's Kitchen, Frobisher House, Nelson Gate,
Southampton SO15 1GX
Technology can be an essential enabler in both art and science. This evening will showcase two unique case studies, where virtual reality is used to revolutionise cancer treatments - which you can (literally!) see for yourself, and where sounds that we as humans cannot hear, can be visualised using smartphones for both communications and in art.

SafeSpace: A virtual relaxing and calming intervention for cancer patients.

Lisa Murray (Nurse Researcher - Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust)
The evolving use of technology in healthcare has led to innovative approaches, one of which is virtual reality (VR). The SafeSpace study aims to bring together VR with a psychological therapy using compassionate mind exercises to provide a low cost, self-managed intervention to help people with cancer to relax and de-stress. We engaged a co-design approach, working with a team of experts in virtual reality and compassion focused therapy and also, people living with cancer to design and develop the VR experience.

Systems for making, systems for breaking: collaborative practices with technology in the making of artist books

Danny Aldred (Programme leader in MA Communication Design, Winchester School of Arts )
In this talk, Danny will explore a range of his own artistic publishing projects with a focus on experimental communication around the book form. He will outline how systems have been used to create and output the work and explain how he sees this as a collaboration with technology.


Dr. Alan Wong (Sustainability Scientist and Major Events Producer)
Alan is interested in how our cities can be developed into more child- and people-friendly spaces. He is the lead researcher for the EU and DfID Metamorphosis Projects to transform our cities into more vibrant, healthier and safer neighbourhoods through art and science, and has authored many research reports on how to improve mobility and connect older and younger people with our public spaces. He also lectures on air pollution from road transport, founded the Southampton Future Cities Community Hub, is co-organiser of TEDx Southampton, and ran the City’s major Lantern Festival Parade in 2019.