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SKYNET v1.2 - Big Data and AI

Headrow House is fully accessible with a lift available to all floors. Wheelchair accessible toilets are available, all of which are gender free.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Headrow House, 19a The Headrow,
Leeds LS1 6PU
Sold Out!
In our fast paced, social media oriented society our personal data is becoming the new virtual oil. The ethics that govern how it is used are complex and changing. Here we will take a look at what big data is and what new methods are being employed to manipulate it, from AI to Algorithms. Find out how big data impacts you on a daily basis and what ethics are employed to ensure that your personal data isn’t being abused.

Big Brother is Watching

Zach Gudmunsen (Postgraduate Researcher)
AIs are becoming increasingly important in our day to day lives, leading to concern that AIs will become a threat! Here we will explore two types of AI danger: “Terminator” or “Big Brother”. Some argue that AI could develop radically different aims than humans, resulting in a “Terminator” scenario. Here I will argue that we are unlikely to develop a high enough general intelligence in AI, and this problem is also countered by coding ethical assumptions. However, the “Big Brother” scenario is more likely as it doesn’t require AI to have any special abilities other than what they already have.

The Fight for Digital Dominance

What is Big Data and why should you care? In this talk I will overview what Big Data is, the structures used and how they influence our everyday life, even when we are unaware of it!
Huge database access and new tech (AI) with greater analytical abilities are turning data into social power. The importance of data ethics relies not only on its use and manipulation at a personal level, but also at this much larger scale with questions arising on the use of Algocracy. I will explore how this new phenomena is changing how ethics is conceived in this new technological era.