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The Battle Against Climate Change

This venue has step-free access, double door entry and disabled toilet facilities. Over 18s only
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10pm
Coda, 63 High Street,
Colchester CO1 1DN
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As a world-wide community we are facing a major catastrophe. It goes by the name of Global Warming and if we don’t act now the consequences could be fatal for our beloved planet earth. But how do we attack this ever-growing threat? Earlier this year thousands of school children walked out of their classrooms and took to the streets demanding radical climate action. This has prompted a fresh enquiry of the specific tactics and policies required to become a greener society.

Addressing the Climate Crisis: Strategies for Re-orienting Economy and Society

The scientific consensus around climate change is quite clear: unless we cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically within the next twelve years global warming will have catastrophic consequences. Yet the current UK government seems to completely lack a coherent approach to the climate crisis and there has been a lack of vision about what such an approach would involve. This session will discuss the types of strategies and policies that are needed if we are to significantly reduce emissions and move towards a low carbon economy and society.

Sustainable Hospitability in Higher Education

Dimitri Lera (Academic Lecturer and Postgraduate Research Student)
The travel and tourism industry is worth over 10% of global GDP and employs nearly 10% of the global working population. Rising consumer purchasing power keeps fuelling this growth. Despite calls for climate action, the travel and tourism industry, and specifically for my PhD, the hospitality industry appears to be slow to ‘change’ to more sustainable practices. In this talk, I will describe my dual role of PhD researcher and lecturer and how I plan to prepare hospitality students to confront the complexities of sustainability, inspiring future generations of hospitality ‘change agents’.

Kids on #climatestrike

Thousands of school children have gone on strike to protest about government inaction on climate change. This talk will consider how education for sustainability encourages the next generation to become ecological citizens. In recent years, educational programmes have been devised by not-for-profit, private and public-sector organisations intending to teach young people how and why they ought to adopt sustainable lifestyles. We will consider the possibilities and problems of education for sustainability. We will discuss how collective responsibilities are imagined and allocated within society.