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Taking the trash out…onto the track: the future of eco-racing cars

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20 May 7pm to 8pm
(UK time)
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Science going
Over a decade ago motorsport and sustainability came together in an exciting union at the University of Warwick creating the supercharged chocolate-powered racing car, steered by carrots and with potato skin tyres! Since then the landfill sites have been multiplying and our product lifecycles shortening. So what can be done with waste products now to make motor racing even more sustainable without losing the speed? Are you ready for the next instalment? Let’s talk trash!

Racing not wasting: Building a sustainable racing car.

Dr James Meredith (WMG University of Warwick)
Evé Wheeler-Jones (PhD Student, WMG, University of Warwick)
Iqra Hamid (Warwick Alumnus, Formula Student)
Professor Kerry Kirwan (WMG, University of Warwick)
Steve Lambert (McLaren Applied Technologies)
Hear from our academic and industry experts discussing the concept for the original sustainable racing car and it's legacy at the university and beyond

Inspiring the next generation of local eco-engineers

Warwick Race team with local youth group (community work)
It's 'lights out GO!' for this community based project with our engineers of the future encouraging youngsters to think differently about motorsport and engineering

Talking trash! What can be done with general waste materials?

Professor Kerry Kirwan (WMG, University of Warwick)
It's a daunting challenge trying to reduce the huge landfill sites, food waste and plastic pollution in our oceans. How we can make the most of our trash? What can we do to reuse and recycle and how can we make an impact and create a more sustainable future?

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