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The future of the earth

The event will be held upstairs, unfortunately there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors 7pm Event 7.30-9.30pm
Hoop and Toy 34 Thurloe Place,
London SW7 2HQ
Our planet keeps changing and new species are interacting with each other for the very first time. Join us to learn how the ecosystems are changing and take the chance of winning amazing Pint of Science goodies!

Mind the gap – in the ecosystem!

The Earth houses a wealth of ecosystems from the arctic tundra to tropical rainforest, from estuaries to the deep seas. Each is held strong by a mindboggling network of interactions between species but there are fears that ecosystems may begin to unravel or even collapse due to changes in climate, land use and biodiversity. How can we predict the future for such complex systems under multiple drivers of change? Find out how we are beginning to answer these questions and how much more we have to learn. And please bring some questions of your own!

Predicting future epidemics

Dr David Redding (UKRI - Rutherford Fellow in Planetary Health)
How will climate change, urbanisation and globalisation impact you? Surprisingly, one way is through disease. Nearly all infectious diseases have been shown first in wild animals: HIV first occurred in primates, Ebola is thought to be carried by bats. So how these animals respond to environmental changes and how changes to human societies alter the way we interact with these animals will dictate the future global burden of animal-borne diseases. I will explore the ways we can create tools to predict future epidemics and manage landscapes to benefit biodiversity and human health.