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The Interface Between Electronics and Biology

Please note this event takes place on the first floor, however step-free access is available.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open at 7pm and talks will begin at 7:30pm
Miller and Carter, 23 Milsom St,
Bath BA1 1DE
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Electronics and biology may seen like completely isolated fields, however the advancement in electrical engineering has resulted in leaps forwards in the field of biology; affecting healthcare, research and industry.

Neural Interfaces – Science Fiction or Science Fact?

Dr Ben Metcalfe (Lecturer, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering)
The idea of recording and understanding the electrical signals that travel throughout our bodies is not a new one. However, there are still only a handful of commercially available devices that interface directly to the nervous system. The fictional “bionic human” may seem like a distant goal, but how close are we to bridging the gap between biology and engineering? During this talk I will discuss the state of the art, comparing the leading methods for recording, processing, and ultimately decoding the information within the peripheral nerves. Resistance will be futile.

Biological Fuel Cells - Harnessing Power from Unusual Fuels

Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo (Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering)
Biological cells are fascinating devices that can directly convert organic substrates, such as sugars, into electricity. This conversion is catalyzed by enzymes, which can be either within an organism, and in this case we refer to Microbial Fuel Cells, or alone, leading to so-called Enzymatic Fuel Cells. Starting from the basic principles of operation of the biological fuel cell technology, this talk will explore its tremendous potential in the context of sustainability, green energy and low-cost healthcare and water technologies that can be accessible to everyone in the world.

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23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom 23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom
23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom 23 Milsom St, Bath, BA1 1DE, United Kingdom