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The microbial world

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Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Church, 22 Great Hampton Street,
Birmingham B18 6AQ
This event will explore the world invisible to the naked eye. Discussing what different microorganisms are and how they interact and affect the environment around them as well as how this tiny creature may help us to treat human disease.

Bugs as drugs: potential of microbiome to combat immune ageing

Dr Niharika A Duggal (Assistant Professor, University of Birmingham)
Can altering the gut microbiome composition serve as a novel intervention strategy to reverse the immune ageing clock and improve health in old age?

Microbial cities: building the fortress that is the mighty biofilm

Ana Magalhaes (PhD Researcher, University of Birmingham)
In nature, microbes do not live as pure cultures of floating single cells in flasks or sprawled in Petri dishes as often observed in the laboratory. Instead, microbes form “microbial megalopolis” known as a biofilm. A biofilm is a “microbial fortress” whereby a sticky glue matrix forms “concrete walls” built by the microbes to protect themselves from attack by predators and harsh environments. Because they are resistant to chemical treatments using disinfectants and antibiotics, biofilms pose a threat to human health and they can also prove costly in manufacturing environments.

More than mushrooms: the fungus among us

Dr Rebecca Drummond (Principal Investigator, University of Birmingham)
Fungi are an enormous kingdom of microbes. Some are invisible to the naked eye, while others are larger than whales and live underground. In this talk I will tell you all about the amazing world of fungi, from how we use these bugs to make drugs, clothes and buildings, to how they can threaten our health and cause extinctions of plants and animals.

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