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The social brain

Past event - 2017
17 May Doors 7PM
Event 7.30-9.30PM
The New Moon 88 Gracechurch Street,
London EC3V 0DN
Sold Out!
How do we choose how to interact with the world around us? What makes us do the things that we do? Head downstairs at the New Moon pub to hear about habit forming and social behaviour, with a chance to win some exclusive Pint of Science themed prizes. This event is sponsored by Hamell Communications.

Wearables: Are you tracking the failure of your new habit?

Dr Alison Carr (Clinical Director of Hamell)
Wearable technology is now rapidly becoming part of our social norm. In 2016, Fitbit Inc. sold 22.3 million health and fitness devices. Despite that, studies suggest these devices do little to change our behaviour over the long term. Healthy lifestyle behaviours are a core component of preventative self-care but require the formation of new habits. Alison will discuss how an understanding of behavioural science can help us overcome the hurdles we face when trying to form a new habit and achieve the healthier future we strive for.

What makes us social?

Dr Elena Dreosti (Senior Research Associate)
I want to know what makes us social. Why do we spend so much time with other people? Why are our actions and thoughts so influenced by other people? How are these social needs generated in the brain? Zebrafish are small social animals that swim together in groups. Their brains are transparent, and we can use powerful microscopes to watch every single neuron while they behave. Therefore they are helping me understand how the brain generates these fundamental social drives that we share with all social animals.