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Scanning the rainbow of life: from atoms to galaxies

The event will be held upstairs, unfortunately there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Hoop and Toy, 34 Thurloe Place,
London SW7 2HQ
The farthest galaxies and the miniscule cell can both be investigated by the scientific technique known as spectroscopy. Let’s find out about the interesting uses of spectroscopy, from looking at early galaxies and the origins of the universe, to cell viscosity and its link to treatment of neurodegeneration and cancer.

How Spectroscopy can reveal the mysteries of the universe

Mark Cunningham (PhD student at University College London (First Light Team research group))
Spectroscopy is one of an astronomer’s favourite tools to help understand the Universe. Planets, stars, and galaxies are just too far away to be analysed in a laboratory. So, we must rely on the only information we can get from them; their light! Fortunately for us, very important information about these distant bodies is written in the light we detect with a telescope. We’ll take a sneak peek at a new astronomical instrument (currently being built at UCL) and look at one of the fundamental mysteries of the Universe; The Epoch of Reionisation.

Illuminating biological cells: from cell viscosity to cancer treatment

Professor Marina Kuimova (Reader in Chemical Physics at Imperial College London)
Viscosity, or 'gloopiness', of different parts of cells are biologically important for drug delivery and signalling. Imagine wading through water as compared to mud – it is easy to see that speed of movement will be affected, and it's not surprising that alterations in cellular viscosity are linked to disease and malfunction. Using this peculiar property, advanced spectroscopy and specially designed fluorescent probes called molecular rotors can help us produce bright fluorescent images of cancer cells and show us how cell viscosity changes when blasted with light-activated cancer drugs.

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