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The War on Cancer

This event will be held in the function room which is on the ground floor and has step-free access.
Past event - 2015
18 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7:30pm-9:30pm
Juniper Berry, 1900 Castle Square,
Southampton SO14 2EQ
Unleashing our inner power: the immune system. Immunotherapy is a revolutionary new treatment that triggers our body’s natural defences to find and destroy cancer. Entertainment kindly sponsored by Cancer Research UK. Free booklets from Sense About Science. Pint of Science & e-Life pub quiz prizes. Free nibbles available. Kindly sponsored by the International and Enterprise Group (FINE), Faculty of Medicine

The best weapon against cancer? You are it

Professor Peter Johnson
Cancers arise because the normal repair process of the body breaks down: they are a form of internal evolution gone wrong, and in the process they learn to creep under the radar of our normal immune defences. Now for the first time we have found ways to awaken the immune response to cancer: something that can whip off the cloak of invisibility that cancers use to avoid detection. For years we have treated cancer in ways that do not depend upon the body's natural defences. All this is changing.

The spy who came in from the cold: Using the immune system against cancers of the immune system

Dr Chern Lee
The human immune system is a defence network that is highly organised, flexible and powerful. It plays a part to prevent the rise of a cancer but can also switch from keeping us safe from unwanted invaders to aiding and abetting the enemy. To add insult to injury, cancers can also arise from the immune system. We will explore how cancer scientists and doctors are learning ways to return the immune system to loyal service in order to turn the war on cancer in our favour.

The cure for cancer? You’re it

Centre for Cancer Immunology
The University is leading the UK in cancer immunology research, launching a £25m fundraising campaign to establish the UK’s first dedicated Centre for Cancer Immunology at Southampton. Ground-breaking research is enabling the body’s immune system to recognise and eradicate cancer, with amazing results in clinical trials. The state-of-the-art Centre will bring together world-leading cancer specialists in a new global hub, accelerating progress and saving more lives from cancer.

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1900 Castle Square, Southampton, SO14 2EQ, United Kingdom 1900 Castle Square, Southampton, SO14 2EQ, United Kingdom