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Step-free access to the venue is possible for all events, however, there is no disabled toilet - apologies.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7:30 - 9:30pm
The Arch Rivals, 4 Netherton Court,
Worcester WR1 3AU
The presenters will discuss the use of technology within river science and capture how drones and lasers can be utilised to help the understanding and development of river science, including the measurement of bank erosion, soil erosion, changes over time and flooding.

This venue does not serve food, but attendees can show their Pint of Science email ticket confirmation for 10% off at The Burger Shop (Arch 46, Cherry Tree Walk, WR1 3BH).

Drones for good: using unmanned aerial vehicles for river surveys

Professor Ian Maddock (Professor of River Science )
Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionising the way we carry out some types of river surveys. This talk will describe how drone photographs are being used to provide ultra-high resolution data on rivers, their features, their floodplains and how they change over time. It will also outline how research is being carried out to analyse drone video to measure the surface velocity of the water, eliminating the need for people or equipment to be in contact with the water, which is especially important at high flows or during floods.

Terrestrial laser scanning and 3D river bank modelling

Rebecca Collins (PhD Student and Associate Lecturer )
Terrestrial Laser Scanning is allowing for unprecedented levels of detail to be collected from our environment. This talk will introduce the concept of laser scanning and how it is being used to investigate rates of riverbank erosion, riverbank roughness and helping to understand the conditions that result in the greatest amounts of riverbank change. However, ultra-high resolution data of this type is not without its' problems, so we will discuss the pitfalls and problems associated with laser scanning and pose the question, is there such a things as too much data?

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4 Netherton Court, Worcester, WR1 3AU, United Kingdom 4 Netherton Court, Worcester, WR1 3AU, United Kingdom
4 Netherton Court, Worcester, WR1 3AU, United Kingdom 4 Netherton Court, Worcester, WR1 3AU, United Kingdom