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Tiny Tech

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access, apologies.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30-9:30pm
The Coachmaker's Arms, 9 St Stephens Rd,
Norwich NR1 3SP

A journey to the nanoworld of viruses: from nanomachines to medicines.

Roger Castells Graells (PhD Researcher )
How can we see viruses? Can viruses help us fight other diseases? How can we build nanomachines? Travel with us to the amazing nanoworld of viruses and nanomachines to discover how scientists are using them to build knowledge and new amazing tools.

Crops, Killer Microbes and a Diamond Ring

Julia Mundy (Science Technician of Crystalography )
To see cells from your body, all you need is a microscope on a lab bench, but to see the proteins inside these cells you need a Diamond. Not like the diamonds you see in blingy engagement rings, this diamond is a large particle accelerator. Diamond is the UK’s Synchrotron; which generates light 10 billion times brighter than the sun using electrons. With this light, scientists here in Norwich can answer important biological questions which help them breed better crops and fight antibiotic resistance. This talk will show you inside the synchrotron, and how it can illuminate the future.