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Trust, Technology and Society

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17 May 8:00pm to 8:50pm
(UK time)
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Science going
Technology is constantly evolving around us, as is the way we interact with it. Everything we do is starting to use technology, from voting and banking, to companionship and emotional support. How can we both benefit from new technologies, and protect our data and ourselves from the unknown? What impact could they have on your life, and on our society? Come and find out at Tech Me Out!

Talking to Robots

Dr Christine Evers (Dr Christine Evers is a Lecturer (Assistant Prof. equivalent) in Computer Science at the University of Southampton)
As humans, we use sound to communicate, to understand what is happening around us, and to create immersive experiences. To enable intuitive interactions with humans, machines, such as robots, are often equipped with microphones. But how can robots make sense of sounds? And how does the ability to talk to robots impact on our lives? Reasoning about life in sound will enable robots to provide support, companionship, and enhanced security for human users. Christine will discuss why sounds are difficult to process, what information can be acquired from sound,and how robots can learn to use sounds.

Building blocks of an e-country | e-Estonia

Andrius Matšenas (Student of Mathematics at the University of Southampton. Founder of software company called Stardust offering a better way to handle personal data online. )
In the talk, I will introduce the digital components of my home country - Estonia. Sharing some fact-driven stories, use cases of what has worked so far, and high-level overview of technologies used - from AI to blockchains. Together with what impact has this had on the economy and the people.

Passwords: choosing them; cracking them; avoiding them

Dr Denis Nicole (Denis is a Reader in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton and is a member of the Cyber Security research group.)
The use of passwords for authentication is widely criticised but nevertheless widely deployed. I will discuss good and bad password choices, modern advice for consumers and for IT professionals, and the degree of difficulty involved in guessing or computing them. Come and hear how progress in bitcoin mining is making your password more vulnerable.

Hosted by John Coxon

Dr John Coxon (Postdoctoral research assistant in the Space Environment Physics group)
John is a space physicist at the University of Southampton and a keen science communicator. He studies the way in which the Sun's magnetic field interconnects with the Earth's, and presented the Southampton Planeterrella at a previous Pint of Science event.

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18 May

DNA Detectives

Body 42 DNA in hand
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