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UCL Launch Event!

Please note this event takes place on the ground floor.
03 Apr Doors 6.30 pm
Event 7.00-9.00 pm
Brew By Numbers Peckham Bellenden Road Business Centre, Arches 1 & 2, Bellenden Rd, Peckham,
London SE15 4RF
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The Pint of Science festival is back! Join the UCL team for our special launch event to get into the spirit of Pint of Science 2019! In anticipation for the main event in May, you will hear amazing talks and get the chance to win amazing Pint of Science goodies. What are you waiting for? Ready, steady go…set your senses to the pint of science and grab your ticket now!

How does a fruit fly...

Dr Jason Somers (Research Associate)
Appearance can be deceiving and who would guess that the humble fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) is one of today’s most widely studied species? From developmental biology to social science, few fields have refused to take advantage of the truly awe-inspiring tractability of this model organism. As a behaviourist and sensory biologist, I am interested in how animals continually gauge the environment to adjust their actions accordingly, deciding when to sleep, when to eat or when to... seek a mate. In this talk I will discuss the sensory arsenal fruit flies employ to live their lives.

How does the brain work?

Professor Kenneth D. Harris (Professor of Quantitative Neuroscience)
The brain contains billions of neurons, which together make up the most advanced information-processing machine in the known universe. All of our sensations, actions, feelings, and thoughts arise from the operation of these cells. In recent years it has become possible to listen to the activity of these neurons in the living brain, which has provided key clues to understanding how the brain works, and enabled technologies allowing the brain to communicate directly with computer systems.