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University of Greenwich PAW Seminar: Identification of T cells association with Leishmania parasites

Venue fully accessible. Please note this event is for staff and students at the university.
Past event - 2021
20 Sep 12:30 to 13:30
Medway Campus, University of Greenwich, Medway Campus,
Medway ME4 4TB
As part of National Postdoc Appreciation Week (#NPAW2021) come and meet one of our Biosciences postdocs and find out about their research at the University of Greenwich. 

All research students, staff and postdocs welcome. Lunch and goody bags provided by Proteintech. 

Places are limited so book now! Please register one ticket per person.

Identification of T cells association with Leishmania parasites.

Dr Medhavi Ranatunga (Postdoctoral Academic in the Biosciences at University of Greenwich)
Leishmania is a digenetic protozoan parasite responsible for a collection of diseases known as leishmaniasis. Symptoms range from self-healing skin lesions to chronic infections to lethal visceral syndromes due to changes in the immune response to infection. T cells guide such responses via mechanisms that are still only partially understood. This research shows for the first time that human T cells can associate with Leishmania parasites, underlining that the role of T cells in leishmaniasis may be more fundamental than previously thought.