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Volcanic Destruction Bringing in New Life!

Please note this event has step-free access but no designated accessible facilities
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 5:30pm
Event 6-7pm
Off the Ground Coffee, 63 Grange Road,
Middlesbrough TS1 5AS
The delicate and destructive world around us is amazing - come along and discover how the crystals in magma help us understand volcanic eruptions, and how peat bogs are the perfect preserving medium for millennia.

CSI Volcano: Crystal Detectives

Katy Chamberlain (Lecturer in Geoscience)
Volcanoes have immense power to shape our planet- from forming new crust to destroying habitats. We will explore how we can reconstruct sub-surface magmatic processes by studying the very crystals that form part of magmas. By understanding what happened to crystal cargo, we can find out where and when different processes happened in the subsurface. Let's find out what triggered both ancient and recent eruptions!

The Secret World of Bogs

Catharine Pschenyckyj (Lecturer in Environmental Science)
Not quite water and not quite land, if you dig deep you might find a hand.
Full of life but preserving death, they lock away carbon with every breath.
This talk tells the secrets of the bogs and their dead!

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