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We need to talk about cancer

Please note that this event has no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 19:00
event 19:30 - 21:30
The Star of Kings 126 York Way,
London N1 0AX
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Cancer results from an abnormal growth of cells which can potentially spread to other parts of the body. What kind of neighbourhoods do cancer cells prefer? What do cancer cells like to eat? Are all cells in cancer the same? Join us to find out exciting research into diverse aspects of cancer and efforts to identify new targets for treatment. 

It's niche to see you: the importance of the cancer microenvironment

Freddie Peakman (PhD Student)
Despite incredible advances in treatment over the last 30 years, cancer still remains a deadly disease for millions of people every year. The microenvironment around a tumour can provide cancer cells with oxygen, nutrients, growth signals and much more. Freddie will be explaining how new cancer treatments can target the microenvironment, and why this might be the next big step in cancer therapy.

What do cancer cells eat? Can we starve them?

Dr Andy Méndez (Postdoc)
Tumours have high and abnormal demands for nutrients. In this talk I will show how tumour cells feed from usual and unexpected nutrients, to take advantage of what we consume. Their flexible metabolism means that tumours can be resistant to conventional therapies. But by studying the nutrients inside of tumours as they develop in their natural environment, Andy’s lab tries to come up with new therapeutic approaches.

The social life of a cancer cell: how to grow up, have offspring, and cope with bad treatment

Dr Axel Behrens (Group Leader)
Not all cancer cells are the same. Only a small proportion, the so-called cancer stem cells, are responsible for cancer growth, spread and relapse. Join Axel to find out what makes them different from the other cancer cells.