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What's in the bag? Topics in Forensic Psychology

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Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 6.45pm
Event 7pm - 9pm
The Four Horsemen Pub, 77-79 Commercial Road,
Bournemouth BH2 5RT
Forensic psychology applies psychology theory to understanding criminal behaviours. Today, it has grown beyond witness testimony to include technologies, such as pupilometry and face-recognition, as well as understanding mental health issues in the context of criminal behaviour. Experts share their research and perspectives on forensic psychology, explaining what helps them to understand a criminal mind. Does criminality only stem from certain individuals or does each one of us harbours a criminal? Come along to hear how these empirical findings inform and advance the field.

Pupil dilation: A widow to the mind?

Dr Janice Attard-Johnson (Lecturer in Psychology)
Research suggests that small changes in the size of the pupils in our eyes can give us insight into what processes are occurring inside our brains at a given moment in time, whether we are feeling aroused, or holding information in working memory, or even recognizing an object. These pupil responses, when isolated, can potentially provide a useful tool for use in applied forensic and police settings.

Do some people possess super-human face recognition skills?

Dr Emma Portch (Lecturer at Bournemouth University)
Recent media reports claim that ‘super-recognisers’ have contributed towards several high-profile criminal convictions. In this talk Emma will take a critical approach, exploring the following questions: Are appropriate assessment methods used to identify super-recognisers? Do they show consistently superior performance across a range of real-world tasks? Are they susceptible to the same perceptual biases displayed by typical perceivers? And, finally, how best can they be used within forensic settings?

The Psychopath Next Door

Fay Sweeting (PhD Researcher)
What is our understanding of the psychopathic mind? Do we think of serial killers or political leaders when we think of psychopathy? Research tells us that there is much more to psychopaths than meets the eye and in some professions, a little bit of psychopathy might be advantageous. In this talk, Fay will explore some surprising examples of famous people who may well have been psychopaths and what this can tell us about this fascinating area of psychology.