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Who wants to live forever?

Venue has wheelchair access via outdoor fire door at side of venue
Past event - 2016
25 May Doors 19:00 Event 19:30-21:30
Butterfly and Pig, 153 Bath Street,
Glasgow G2 4SQ

Avoiding cancer is easy - don't get old

Professor Peter Adams (Professor of Epigenetics at CRUK Beatson Institute)
Cancer's biggest risk factor is age! Peter is Professor of Epigenetics at CRUK Beatson Institute and his research seeks to understand how age related changes to our epigenome drive age related diseases with a particular focus on cancer biology. With a rapidly aging population in the modern world this research is vitally important to everyone in today's society.

Genetic epidemiology: do the ends justify the genes?

Dr Donald Lyall (Research Associate (Public Health))
Genetic epidemiology research is about quantifying and understanding genetic contributions to health and well-being, and their potential interaction with environmental and lifestyle factors. Donald will explore how genetic research helps us to understand the mechanisms of diseases like dementia, how it can contribute to better treatment, and why it is currently such an exciting time to be a genetic epidemiologist. He’ll also discuss why you should take some headlines with a pinch of salt, and why you should beware of a scientist’s file drawer…