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Winter is Coming: Battling Climate Change

Please note that there is no step-free access to this venue
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 6:30 pm
Event 7:00-9:00 pm. No step-free access
1000 Trades, 16 Frederick Street,
Birmingham B1 3HE
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With time running out to prevent a climate catastrophe, what can society do to save itself from disaster? Who needs to act and how? Will social conscience save us? Can Birmingham lead the charge to a sustainable future? Join us for a pint as we explore the roles of politics, protest and the West Midlands in transitioning to a cleaner, greener existence.

Energy Innovation: Transforming the West Midlands

Professor Martin Freer (Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute and the Midlands based Energy Research Accelerator)
The talk will focus on the imperatives for development of new approaches to energy, transport and waste to develop integrated solutions which allow the transformation of cities through delivering low carbon solutions and clean air at a cost that is affordable. The Birmingham Energy Institute in collaboration with the Energy Research Accelerator is working to develop new approaches in technology, business models and new regulatory approaches through the creation of Energy Innovation Zones. The scale and breadth of this activity will be described.

Consumption, Collective Action, and the Challenge of Climate Change

Dr Graeme Hayes (Reader in Political Sociology, Aston University)
Countries like the UK like to claim that they are global leaders in climate policy, pointing to large cuts in emissions, often achieved through developing new technology. In the context of the climate crisis, real leadership requires us to change the terms of the debate over what action is needed, to focus not just on technology but on how we act and consume in our everyday lives (and who ‘we’ are). Graeme will discuss the problem of climate and consumption, along with some of the lessons that can be learnt from environmental movements like Extinction Rebellion and the Global Climate Strike.

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16 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HE, United Kingdom 16 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HE, United Kingdom
16 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HE, United Kingdom 16 Frederick Street, Birmingham, B1 3HE, United Kingdom
22 May
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