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Wonders of art

Event takes place on the ground floor with step-free access.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Caffè Portico, The Terrace, Grantham St, Lincoln,
Lincoln LN2 1BD
Sold Out!
Join us in Caffè Portico as we find out all about paint analysis, and computer programming in music. With interactive demos, you could even win some Pint of Science goodies!

Paint analysis - layers of understanding

Paul Croft (Conservator & Research Fellow, School of History & Heritage)
This talk will look at a brief history of the paints applied to the houses, ships and other structures around us. We will explore how we date the paints applied and use this information to help establish the history of a building or structure, and how its appearance has evolved over time. The talk will end with a brief look at the recent restoration of the Royal Flying Corps mural the Grandstand here in Lincoln.

A byte of music

Dr Grzegorz Cielniak (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Lincoln)
Music composition and computer programming bear many similarities, although perhaps coding is not too often regarded as creative. As a passionate Computer Scientist, who sees beauty in the lines of code, I would like to look at the artistic aspects of programming and what happens when a programmer becomes a composer: from geek maestros squeezing beeps out of early arcade games, through live performers coding music on stage, to modern AI writing music on demand. Is our musical creativity under threat from modern technology or is it an opportunity to push it even further?