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Please note this event takes place in a basement room and has no step-free access, or nearby accessible toilet. Main bar open all day for pre-event food and drinks.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Tempest on Tithebarn, Tempest Building, 12 Tithebarn Street,
Liverpool L2 2DT
Robots and artificial intelligence can either take your job or help you do it more effectively. How can we fight these forces? What skills do we need to benefit from technological change? And how will employers treat us once we become older? Empirical economic research based on large databases informs us about the strategies one can use to cope with these changes. It also helps us understand how these forces affect inequality between workers of different skill levels, age, gender or work history. Being able to quantify these forces also allows us to design better policies to support workers.

Older Workers Need Not Apply?

Dr Ian Burn (Senior Lecturer)
As working lives become longer due to population ageing, older workers are experiencing a changing labour market from the one of their youth. While many older workers wish to shift careers later in life or are forced to look for new jobs, age discrimination is a huge barrier to the job hunts of older workers. Older workers have to send more CVs and attend more interviews to receive the same number of job offers as younger workers. In this talk, Ian will compare how older workers experience the job market and how they develop coping strategies and change their job search behaviour.

You’re Fired - What Next?

A substantial amount of workers are made redundant every month, and job loss has considerable negative consequences for affected workers. But what exactly happens after workers are laid off, and how can policymakers help the unemployed to find another job? Following laid off workers prior to and after they are made redundant provides an answer: investing in new skills and qualifications. In this talk, Patrick will compare laid off workers who have different opportunities to return to education after losing their job, to show that qualifications are crucial in enabling their return to work.

When will your job be automated?

Dr Balázs Muraközy (Senior Lecturer)
Luddittes were already worried with steam engines doing their work, leading to inequality between capitalists and workers. Robots, big data, AI and other modern inventions can automate even more peoples' jobs from accountants to radiologists. But when and how will these technologies materialise in your local businesses? In his talk, Balázs will explain how we can use large datasets to measure how different technological changes in firms affect inequality of workers within each firm and based on this, show that a substantial part of increasing inequality is driven by these decisions.

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