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Your brain and you: from video games to cognition

This show is live streamed to YouTube - register to get the link to watch - even after it has finished.
Past event - 2021
18 May 6pm to 7pm
(UK time)
Live, YouTube,
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Dr Julia Foecker will lead us through the cognitive and attentional advantages enjoyed by people who play action video games.

Dr Petra Pollux will explain the Cognitive Daisy, a tool she has designed to help people with cognitive problems.

This show will also include a viewing of some of the exciting science-inspired art created by University of Lincoln arts students for this year's Creative Reactions!

Action video games in the Spotlight: A neuroscientific approach

Dr Julia Foecker (Senior Lecturer in Psychology)
Action video game players outperform their non-action-game playing peers on various sensory, attentional and cognitive tasks. This training regimen provides a unique opportunity to identify factors that underlie learning and brain plasticity. We will see that behavioral and neural markers of attentional control are enhanced in gamers, allowing them to better focus on the task at hand and ignore distractions. Such focus on task-relevant statistics appears to allow for not only more informed decision making but also faster learning.

The Cognitive Daisy: A novel method for supporting the care of people with cognitive problems

Dr Petra Pollux (Senior Lecturer in Psychology)
The Cognitive Daisy (COG-D) is an innovative, novel tool for supporting the care of people who have cognitive problems. COG-D provides a snapshot of a person's cognitive strength and weaknesses in the shape of a colourful flower, where each petal represents a particular cognitive ability. In the presentation we will talk about the perceived usefulness of COG-D in formal care settings and how it was perceived by people with dementia and their carers living independently in the community.

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