Laura Alessandretti

University Coordinator

I am a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at City and coordinator for PoS at City. My research focuses on Computational Social Science, Data Science and Complex Networks. I work on understanding and measuring human behaviour using data analysis and theoretical modelling.

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Antoine Pierson

Event Manager

I am a french maths PhD student in algebra. I have always liked taking part in students project and I am very excited about everything which is about science outreach. Therefore, I've decided to help organizing London's Pint of Science 2017 edition.

Abi Roper Profile

Abi Roper

Event Manager

I've just completed my PhD in computer rehabilitation for language difficulties following a stroke. I'm a speech and language therapist with a background in computing. This means I like talking and I technology! I'm really interested in sharing research beyond university walls and so I'm looking fo...

alena uus

Alena Uus

Event Manager (Tech me Out)

I have a PhD in Information Engineering (City, University of London) with the focus on medical image processing and blood flow simulations in patient-specific arterial trees. The underlying principles of formation of fractal structures and irregular patterns in nature together the general evolutiona...