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If you're an individual or organisation or company who'd like to run some events with us any time of the year please drop us an email.

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Our team at Pint of Science are experts in organising and delivering fun and informative science events. Our experience in creating Pint of Science festival has helped us build an incredible network of venues, speakers and organisers. All that’s needed is your science. Whether you’re part of a small organisation or society, a larger institution or just an individual with a desire to spread a scientific message, we can help you to organise, market and deliver an excellent event. In the past we have organised:

  • Charity events that help people understand different conditions
  • Events that showcase speakers for learned societies
  • Corporate events for employees to learn about science

All of our events are informal, engaging and accurate – we will never compromise or mislead with science. If you are keen to learn more or receive a quote for a bespoke science event, email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you to discuss your needs.


We are a non-profit organisation which invites science researchers to share what they do and why they do it with the public. The events take place in casual venues such as pubs and cafes. The speakers usually give a talk or presentation and you'll have the opportunity to ask them questions and have a chat with them. Our annual Pint of Science festival happens over three days in May and happens in hundreds of cities across the world, but sometimes we also hold some one-off events throughout the year. Sign up to our mailing list below to know what, where and when.

Each event is unique, but in general there tend to be two talks per evening that are around 20-30 minutes each with time for questions and answers afterwards. No question is too silly - if you really just want to know how much that microscope costs, just ask! There is also a break in between the talks involving activities and where you are in with a chance to win Pint of Science and partners' goodies.

This really depends on the venue. You will need to check with them as age limits and rules vary with each one. In general we suggest people be at least 13 years old to attend Pint of Science.

For some of our events which take place in theatres,  or all our astronaut events, all ages are welcome including those under 13 years.

  • If an event is sold out then we're sorry but no more tickets will become available. We don't have any waiting lists either.
  • If an event hasn't sold out, there may be tickets available on the door, but this is at the discretion of the local organisers at each venue and there is no guarantee this will happen. 
  • We're sorry to say that our tickets are not transferable to other events - if you can no longer attend an event you are welcome to give your ticket to a friend, they just need to say your name at the door.
  • We are unable to offer refunds to attendees who can no longer attend (or do not attend).  This is simply because we are a small organisation and it's logistically very difficult. In the rare case that an event is cancelled you may receive a refund.  


For events which have concessionary tickets, concessions are available for children, any student (with ID), over 60s and those with a registered disability


Have a look at our online shop where we will occasionally sell our items.

To volunteer to help out and join our community, please email us in September/October when we can forward your details to the relevant team. 

In general it can make organisation easier if you are part of a university and can get public engagement involved, however this is not a requirement - we welcome volunteers from outside of academia. If you don't yet have a local Pint of Science festival and want to make it happen in your city, fire us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you. 

Our speakers are selected by our local organisers in each city, and so we cannot respond to requests to speak; at best we can pass your details onto the relevant team to see if they have any space, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will be contacted let alone selected, so sorry! Speakers are selected between October and March so please email us between those months.

Thanks for considering us! We need venues where there's enough space for a presentation and guests can get a drink. Please check the list of cities we are currently in - if your venue is near them, then please email us between October and February and we will put you in touch with the relevant team.

We are a grassroots non-profit organisation; we started as a handful of friends wanting to share the interesting discoveries around us.

Pint of Science grew (massively!) out of a demand from volunteers who wanted to help the festival spread, and ticket costs were introduced to ensure that we could become sustainable rather than a one-off.

As well as our dedicated volunteers, Pint of Science relies on ticket money, donations, sponsors, and the universities and institutions involved to keep going.

We've never received large grants or pots of money, we don't even have an office. We're built on the dedication, enthusiasm and commitment of all involved in organising and attending, as well as an occasional pint.

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