Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival which brings researchers to your local pub/cafe/space to share their scientific discoveries with you.

Pint of Science was LIVE and online during 7-11th Sept 2020.

We talked to different researchers about their discoveries and their lives.

See the programme here and rewatch the shows on YouTube  

We will be back 17-19 May 2021.


Thanks to our partner:

Q-Sort: A New Era in Electron Microscopy


We are a non-profit organisation that financially relies on ticket sales to keep going. If you like what we do and would like to continue to support us during this time, please consider donating through the link below or buying some of our merchandise from our online shop

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We meet scientists around the UK to find out about their lives, the universe, and everything. Have a listen to #PintCast


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Scientific community

Scientific community

Pint of Science is non-profit and organised by a grass-root community of over 2000 scientists in the UK
Over 24000 attendees in the UK

Over 24000 attendees in the UK

Events are for the public, you don't need any prior scientific knowledge
Over 600 events in >45 cities

Over 600 events in >45 cities

Most of our events take place during the main festival - three days every May