Praveen Paul (she/her)

Praveen Paul (she/her)

Co-Founder & Director

I'm trained as a neuroscientist and am amazed to see how far Pint of Science has spread! There's a whole variety of scientific research happening across the world and I'm excited to be part of bringing it all together and sharing it with you.

Michael Motskin (he/him)

Michael Motskin (he/him)


I want to get Pint of Science to every city in the world and communicate science as it is- fun, fascinating and inspiring.

Elodie Chabrol (she/her)

Social Media Manager

Hyperactive neuroscientist who loves sci-comm! I jumped into the Pint of Science adventure the first year in London, then founded the French one and now I help new countries to launch the festival. My mission? Make science accessible to everyone, everywhere!

Sarah Hoey (she/her)

Social Media Officer

A neuroscientist by training, I'm a strong advocate of science and its communication. It’s a privilege to work with such an amazing team to give the public an opportunity to learn more about the science that affects their everyday lives.

Annemarie Pickersgill

Annemarie Pickersgill

Chapter Manager - Scotland

I am a post-doctoral researcher studying meteorite impact craters. I'm interested in space and space exploration, and combining this with a passion for the outdoors by participating in analogue space missions, during which I pretend to be exploring another planet while in fact exploring our own.

Alex Holmes (she/her)

Chapter Manager - Yorkshire & the Humber

I’m a PhD student that’s found myself working somewhere between biology, chemistry and computational science. When I’m not “hacking into supercomputers” or complaining about my protein yields, you can find me relaxing with some pottery or a good book!

Jill Merlini

Chapter Manager - North West England

This is my 5th year with Pint of Science and I’m so excited to see what our 2024 festival looks like! I'm keen to go to events outside my field to learn something new. I’m studying for a PhD in neuroscience, looking at inflammation in stroke. PoS is the perfect way to get the public interested in re…

Lucy Manifold

Lucy Manifold

Chapter Manager - Northern Ireland & Wales

I recently handed in my PhD in geology at the University of Manchester and I am now working as a geoscientist. I’ve traded city life for North Wales and loving living near mountains and sea.

Sophie Jones

Sophie Jones

Chapter Manager - West Midlands

I'm a physicist working in materials development for image sensors. Formerly part of Pint of Science Leeds then leading the Cambridge team, I'm now assisting cities reach their full Pint of Science potential! Outside of the lab I enjoy climbing and video games!

Cristina Perez

Chapter Manager - East Midlands

A chemist and neuroscientist by training, through my experience I've become more interested in getting involved in different ways of communicating scientific research to a wider audience and I'm very excited to be part of this amazing festival again.

Peter Wyatt

Chapter Manager - East of England

I'm a research fellow based in Leeds working on future technologies for displays. You're quite likely to find me pint in hand at a local brewery, (im)patiently waiting for Pint of Science.

Yuhan Hu (she/her)

Chapter Manager - South East England

Following my PhD in neuropharmacology, I abandoned my lab bench and now work in the clinical research industry. I fell in love with the Pint of Science festival back in 2015 and have been blowing the science communication trumpet ever since!

Sarah Lu

Chapter Manager - South East England

Hi! I'm Sarah a PhD researcher developing novel microfluidic systems for radiation detection. I've been involved with Pint of Science since 2018 in Southampton. When I'm not in the lab you can find me at a beach, trying to bake sourdough or squeezing into rides that I'm too old for!

Jay James (he/they)

Jay James (he/they)

Chapter Manager - South West England

PhD researcher in Infection, Inflammation and Immunity. I was initially dragged to a meeting and convinced to organise an event where I saw the impact of Pint of Science and the passion people have for this festival! I am now excited to be more involved as a chapter manager!

Giulia De Rossi

Chapter Manager - London

Involved in Pint of Science for the 9th time (?? I’ve lost count!) and loving it. Meanwhile, post-doc at UCL looking at how eyes are affected by diabetes. Beside science and public engagement, I love food, cooking it, playing football or tennis and reading. In the photo, I’m the one in the back.

Fraje Watson (she/her)

Chapter Manager - London

I’m a Research Assistant at Imperial College London working on musculoskeletal outcomes of military casualties. Outside of work I volunteer for StreetVet and enjoy running with my dog, dingy sailing and baking.

Nathalie Schmidt

Chapter Manager - London

I’m a PostDoc working on how we can help our immune system in the fight against cancer and viruses. If I’m not in the lab you can find me volunteering at London Zoo, having heated discussions with my book club or baking sourdough bread.

Arianna Olivelli (she/her)

Chapter Manager - London

I am doing a PhD in oceanography and geochemistry, focusing on how lead (Pb) pollution from human activities on land affects the ocean. I am passionate about science, the environment, and outdoor sports. Pint of Science is one of my favourite side activities and I have been involved since 2021.