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In Hot Water: A Thirsty Discussion on Climate Change

Please note that this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 19:00
event 19:30-21:30
The Big Top at 10 Feet Tall, 11A-12 Church St ,
Cardiff CF10 1BG
Sold Out!
We can’t live without water, so what happens if the current warming of the planet continues to impact the water cycle and put our access to water at risk? Come along to this evening to find out! Where we will take a look at how the climate is changing and what this means for us in terms of water availability and water management. This night is kindly sponsored by Cardiff University School of Earth and Ocean Sciences.

Political Water in a World beyond Politics

Dr Antonio A. R. Ioris (Senior Lecturer in Geography)
Water is a hybrid whose flow describes processes that are material, discursive and symbolic. Water is not just a landscape resource, but it is in effect a social and natural substance that is used and transformed by different social groups according to demands, techniques and historical and geographical circumstances. Its management is not consensual, but entails different levels of contestation. Disputes around water reveal the balance of power behind environmental change, as well as the political unevenness that determines inequalities in the access and distribution of natural resources.

Did Science lose the battle over climate change?

Dr Marie Ekström (Research Fellow in Climate Change Impacts)
It is no longer meaningful to talk about future climate change, we’re already seeing how a warmer climate disrupts weather patterns, causing floods, droughts, heatwaves, and wind damage. The science hasn’t changed, scientists knew change was coming and have told us so for several decades. Unfortunately, very few were listening. In their latest Global Risk Report, the World Economic Forum listed climate risks amongst the top threats to global stability – those that hold the purse knows that climate change will be costly. So why the inaction?

Water, water everywhere or not. Who's thirsty?

This talk will focus on how climate expresses within the water cycle at the Earth's surface. It will address water availability to ecology and human society. It will assess how regional climate and its trends affect access to water, as well as potential consequences for the future.

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11A-12 Church St , Cardiff, CF10 1BG, United Kingdom 11A-12 Church St , Cardiff, CF10 1BG, United Kingdom
11A-12 Church St , Cardiff, CF10 1BG, United Kingdom 11A-12 Church St , Cardiff, CF10 1BG, United Kingdom