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Integrating Art into Science and Public Health

This venue is fully accessible
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
Marco's Kitchen, Frobisher House, Nelson Gate,
Southampton SO15 1GX
Have you ever wondered what secrets lies at the bottom of our seas, and how these may have changed over time? Well, here is your chance to find out, using the Black Sea as the example, and with a project that uses new visual art techniques. This evening will also provide interesting insights into how art and science can support children to have the best life chances, drawing on local and practical experiences.

Rediscovering the lost landscapes and maritime history of south east Europe - The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project

Dr Michael Grant (Enterprise Fellow in Maritime Archaeology)
Explore the ground-breaking research of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project, one of the largest and most ambitious maritime archaeology projects ever undertaken. During extensive surveying off the Bulgarian coast, with the aim to learn how the Black Sea changed over the last 20,000 years as a result of climate change and sea level rise, a unique collection of 65 shipwrecks were discovered in water depths up to 2km deep; some almost perfectly preserved and up to 2,500 years old.

Building blocks for health: The science and art of child development in Southampton

Dr Debbie Chase (Head of Service and Consultant in Public Health, Southampton City Council)
This session highlights how the science and art of Public Health supports children to have the best life chances. Drawing on experience and initiatives in Southampton, Debbie Chase describes the challenges and opportunities in giving children a good start in life and how getting it right in the early years makes such a difference in later life.


Dr. Alan Wong (Sustainability Scientist and Major Events Producer)
Alan is interested in how our cities can be developed into more child- and people-friendly spaces. He is the lead researcher for the EU and DfID Metamorphosis Projects to transform our cities into more vibrant, healthier and safer neighbourhoods through art and science, and has authored many research reports on how to improve mobility and connect older and younger people with our public spaces. He also lectures on air pollution from road transport, founded the Southampton Future Cities Community Hub, is co-organiser of TEDx Southampton, and ran the City’s major Lantern Festival Parade in 2019.