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A day in the life of the Universe: From Astrobiology to Astrophysics

Please note this venue does not have step-free access. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.10pm
The Three Sisters Bar, 139 Cowgate,
Edinburgh EH1 1JS
Sold Out!
Come tonight to learn about the mysterious dark matter forces that help to hold together our universe and how tiny microscopic organisms could help us understand the cosmos and ourselves! 

Space Microbes: how the smallest organisms help us exploring space

Dr. Rosa Santomartino (Postdoctoral Research Associate in Space Microbiology)
Microbes are everywhere, from extremely hot volcanic springs to our own human body. If this makes you feel the urge to grab the closest hand sanitizer, you may be surprised to know that they actually play many essential roles for us, from bioindustries to waste recycling and more. These tiny fellows follow us everywhere, including when we explore the cosmos. In this talk, we will see how understanding their behaviour in space provides useful data on life under space conditions, why they will be crucial to our survival beyond Earth, and how they could support human space exploration.

Seeing the Dark universe

Nisha Grewal (PhD Student)
What's in the Universe? When we look up at the night sky we can see stars and planets, but is there more out there? It turns out we can only see 5% of the Universe. The rest is invisible! Galaxies are held together by a large gravitational force from dark matter. You may be wondering...how do we know it's there if we can't see it? This talk will explore the mysterious forces in our Universe.

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The Unbearable Smartness of DNA

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