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A Flood of Songs and Showers: Can AI identify floods, in our hearts and our streets

Over 18s only
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30pm - 9:30pm
The Head of Steam, 10 King Street,
Hull HU1 2JJ
Artificial intelligence is spreading faster than ever, seeing uses across the globe in business models and chatbots. Tonight we will explore how it can benefit our society in a more impactful way, from identifying flooded streets to seeing the symphony of emotions played out in our hearts from around the globe. Our speakers will explore the many uses of AI and its applications to a more human element in these incredible talks.

Finding Floods with Artificial Intelligence

Lydia Bryan-Smith (PhD Researcher)
What do floods have to do with self-driving cars, and how might Artificial Intelligence (AI) be able to predict them? We are developing methods of predicting floods in real-time with AI. Through the lens of research done at the University of Hull, this talk will take the audience on a journey to demystify AI and reveal how everything is just a matter of perspective.

Analyzing Cross-Cultural Music Genres Through Lyrics and Emotions

Oyinkansola (KKC) Onwuchekwa (PhD Researcher)
In a world where music transcends geographical boundaries, "Analyzing Cross-Cultural Music Genres Through Lyrics and Emotions" explores the fascinating intersection of music, emotion, and culture through the lens of advanced deep learning techniques. This talk, led by a passionate Data Scientist, PhD researcher, musician, singer, and writer, explores the rich tapestry of cross-cultural musical elements and their emotional expressions, shedding light on how genres from different corners of the globe can evoke remarkably similar feelings in people everywhere and the role culture plays in evoking emotions from music.
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