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A Global Society

Please note this venue is not wheelchair accessible. Gender neutral toilets are not available.
Past event - 2018
14 May Doors 7.00pm
Event 7.30pm to 10pm
The White Bear, 133 St Michael's Hill,
Bristol BS2 8BS
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Join us this evening for an interesting talk delivered by Emma Brännlund, who will be discussing how security and conflict shape gender norms and practices. Tariq Modood will discuss with us the multicultural society in which we live today.

Multicultural Nationalism

Tariq Modood (Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy)
Multicultural nationalism is a new political perspective which unites the concerns of some of those currently sympathetic to majoritarian nationalism and those who are pro-diversity and minority accommodationist in the way that liberal nationalism (with its emphasis on individualism and majoritarianism) or cosmopolitanism (with its disavowal of national belonging and championing of open borders) does not. It therefore represents the political idea and tendency most likely to offer a feasible alternative rallying point to monocultural nationalism.

Negotiating In/security: Women’s Activism in Kashmir

Emma Brännlund (Senior Lecturer in International Relations)
We aim to interrogate the relationship between women’s activism and in/security through a narrative approach to feminist security studies. The investigation of women’s activism in the Kashmir Valley highlights gendered notions of in/security and brings to fore in/securities experienced by local women and men. I explore how women engaging in activism negotiate the in/security terrain through various strategies. Importantly, I will brings insights into how women challenge gendered in/securities in order to partake in political activities.