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Medical AI: A tale of Microbots, Machine Learning and Brains

Venue has no facilities but audience can use Trinity facilities a short distance away.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors open at 6pm
event runs from 6:30pm to 7:30pm
MathsCity, 2nd Floor near Trinity Kitchen, Trinity Shopping Centre,
Leeds LS1 5AT
How can AI do so well in medicine and go so wrong? Tonight we will delve into the magnificent success of AI in healthcare with Dr Ioannis Delis showing how algorithms can help us understand the brain and Dr Yazan Khaled how they can help for cancer treatment. But we will also show where AI goes wrong. Dr Kieran Zucker and Sonia Dembowska will discuss how AI can make mistakes in healthcare and in general, and how we can avoid this from happening in the future.


Event also includes the opportunity to explore MathsCity, a hands-on maths discovery centre, from 6pm. 

Robo-doc is hallucinating, and other ways healthcare AI goes wrong? 

Dr Kieran Zucker (NIHR Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Clinical Oncology Specialist Registrar)
Artificial intelligence is increasingly all around us, from how we unlock our phones to who gets a mortgage, A.I. is driving tasks and decisions like these. This talk will look at what happens when A.I. goes wrong, why it goes wrong and how this matters for the future of healthcare.

Machine Learning to understand (ab)normal information processing in the human brain

Dr Ioannis Delis (Lecturer in Computaional Science and Motor Control)
In this talk, I will discuss the role of the human brain as an information-processing machine. First, I will outline the main research questions we aim to address in computational neuroscience and draw parallels with established AI problems. I will then give examples on how we extract information from complex, noisy, high-dimensional neural signals in order to understand human behaviour in health and disease.

Speeding in a residential? Common AI mistakes and how we solve them. 

Sonia Dembowska (PhD Researcher)
Would you ever mistrust a Tesla? How can a car so blindly not notice a riding bicycle in front of it? Sonia will talk on the issues of machine vision, how we overcome it, and the further challenges it provides when applied to healthcare. After all, we don't want to miss any cancer cells!

AI vs Cancer: How the latest technologies help us treat it

Dr Yazan Khaled (NIHR Clinical lecturer in HPB Surgery )
Advancements in surgical technologies have improved outcomes for patients with cancers. However, further developments are needed to address the change in patients' demographics and aging population. Here, we will discuss latest technologies and innovations for treating colorectal cancer.

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