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Aging Gracefully: Balancing science and ethics

Fully accessible, downstairs disabled toilet with ramp to the pub door
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Station East Pub, 1 Hills Street, Gateshead,
Newcastle NE8 2AS
Sold Out!
They say age is just a number, but how do we age and should we try to prevent it? Join us tonight as we explore gender specific aging and the moral maze of seeking eternal youth. Who wants to live forever?

Why do men and women age differently?

Dr Satomi Miwa (Lecturer, Newcastle University)
There is a paradox in life - women lives longer than men around the world, but start losing health earlier. Why is it? We can also see something similar in other creatures like insects.

Witness the latest research on how and why we age, and why biological sex matters. Stretching to evolutional and ecological perspectives, the way nature has made us keeps fascinating me, and I am sure you could share my passion. Join the conversations to discuss why therefore, important to sex-optimise future medicine and care!

Drinking From the Fountain of Youth: Ethics of longevity research

Dr Ilke Turkmendag (Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University)
What are the ethical implications of pursuing a longer life? This talk focuses on the longevity movement and the ethical aspects of pursuing a longer healthy life span. I will talk about the longevity protocols followed by those who wish to extend their life span.

These protocols include, supplementation, diet, stress management, sleep, activity and metabolism tracking, exercise, breathing techniques, using implantable devices, red light, cold and heat therapy, and regular blood testing. Would you be willing to hack your body at your own expense in search of the fountain of youth?
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