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All you need is love

Fully accessible with lifts to room
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 19:00
Event 19:30 to 21:30
Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM), Royal Albert Memorial Museum,
Exeter EX4 3RX
Love truly is all you need. Join us as we delve into the chemical drive behind reproduction and take a closer look at how we can learn to love ourselves for the sake of mental health.

Brain rhythms controlling reproduction

Margaritis Voliotis (Research Fellow)
Within the brain is a clock or neural oscillator driving the release of intermittent pulses of a brain hormone called gonadotrophin-releasing hormone. The operation of this neural oscillator at the appropriate frequency is essential for reproduction as it stimulates secretion of reproductive hormones (LH/FSH). I will discuss how recent mathematical models have advanced our understanding of this neural oscillator and the exciting opportunities they open up for personalised medicine in reproductive health.

Self-compassion: a new way to improve mental health in adolescents

Mengya Zhao (PhD Researcher)
In this talk, I will talk about the critical issue of mental mental problems in teenagers (i.e., depression in teenagers). Nowadays, teenagers face a lot of pressure and challenges, such as child-parent conflict, establishing good friendship and academic pressure. Thus, how to help teenagers to improve mental well-being is important. Self-compassion, a new concept, defined as being kind to oneself in a difficult time, may be a new way to improve mental well-being in teenagers.
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