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Alzheimer`s and Obesity

This venue is fully accessible
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 6:30 PM
Event 7-9 PM
Inn at the Park, 3-4 Deemount Terrace,
Aberdeen AB11 7RX
Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease is strongly linked to Type 2 diabetes? This evening aims to answer why there still isn’t a cure for Alzheimer’s and whether patients are being let down by the clinical trials process. Sure to lead to fascinating debate!

Alzheimer’s disease and Type 2 Diabetes - what links the two?

Ruta Dekeryte (Research Fellow, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen)
Alzheimer’s disease and Type 2 Diabetes are two of the most prevalent disorders in the world, affecting a huge number of the population. At first, it may seem that the two illnesses do not have much in common, as one is primarily affecting the brain and other the peripheral organs. However, recent clinical and epidemiological studies have demonstrated a strong association between Alzheimer’s disease and Type 2 Diabetes, and evidence from pre-clinical studies revealed close similarities in the molecular pathologies between the two. So - what links the two diseases?

Blame it on science?

Dr Annesha Sil (Research Fellow, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen)
Medical science has come a long way since we first discovered vaccines and penicillin. We hear of new and exciting advances in technology and our understanding of diseases every day, but how is that we are still using old first-line treatments for neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and dementia? New treatments do not seem to be making the light of day, instead failing in the final stages of clinical trials. This talk will attempt to address this pertinent but highly understudied aspect of biosciences by looking at how we conduct science, and what we can do to make us better scientists.

Alzheimer’s disease: the basic science and why finding a cure is taking so long

Eline Dreesen (PhD student in biomedical sciences at the University of Aberdeen)
Alzheimer’s disease, a well-known form of dementia, receives a lot of media coverage and public activities are organised worldwide to collect money for research and to raise awareness. But what is Alzheimer’s disease exactly? How well do you know the science behind this dreadful disorder? And why does it take so long to find new treatments or even a cure? In this brief talk, the neurological and psychological basis of Alzheimer’s disease will be a first discussion point. Secondly, the road from the lab to the market, as well as possible difficulties along the way, will be described briefly.
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